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Marine Species and Their Distribution in China's Seas
by Zongguo Huang

Marine Species and Their Distribution in China's Seas is the result of 132 experts compiling a listing of the distribution and general habitats of over 20,000 species of five kingdoms collected and identified from China's coastal waters. This is the only comprehensive list of marine species of all phylogenic groups from bacteria to mammals in this geographic region. Each species entry includes the scientific name, author(s), distribution, and reference(s). The hosts are also listed for species. The index includes all the taxonomic levels. In this English language edition, revisions were made throughout. Hirudinea was added, and Bryozoa, Entoprocta, and Echinodermata listings were completely revised. The distribution range for each species was generally arranged from north to south and from east to west, with the province or major water body provided in parenthesis for each location to assist readers not familiar with China's geography. Several maps are also provided in the introduction to this translated edition. This book will prove invaluable to taxonomists, systematists, biogeographers, oceanographers, as well as conservation, marine, and evolution biologists, and resource managers.
Orig. Ed 2001,  ISBN: 1-57524-103-X,  608 pp.,  Binding: Cloth


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