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Lawn Doctor Special

Lay-flat format — Compact Size

Up-to-date source of information on the nature, diagnosis, and control of each of the major diseases of cool season and warm season golf, landscape, recreation, and sports turfgrasses

Color photographs showing disease symptoms

On-site diagnostic procedures — A guide to every aspect of disease diagnosis and control

Predict disease outbreaks in time to initiate preventive control measures and assess the potential for plant recovery

Specific strategies for integrated disease control through the use of chemical pesticides in conjunction with management practices

Information on the impact of environmental conditions and cultural practices on the health of the turfgrass plant

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PART 1—Causes of Turfgrass Diseases
PART 2—Diagnostic Procedures
PART 3—Patch Diseases
PART 4—Leaf Spots
PART 5—Molds, Mildews, Rusts, and Smut
PART 6—Senectopathic Disorders
PART 7—Root Diseases
PART 8—Fairy Rings and Localized Dry Spot
PART 9—Diseases Caused by Viruses and Prokaryotes
PART 10—Surface Algae
PART 11—How to Develop Integrated Turfgrass Disease Control Strategies
Table I—Fungicides and Nematicides Used in the Control of Turfgrass Diseases
Table II—Sources of Local Information on Diagnosis and Control of Turfgrass Diseases in the United States and Canada

Learn how such factors as air and soil temperature extremes, mowing practices, fertilization and soil pH, watering programs, and thatch accumulation interact to either increase or decrease the turfgrass plant's resistance to pathogenic microorganisms


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